Explore Our Available Window Pelmets

Pelmets are frameworks placed above windows that serve both a decorative and practical function. At Direct2U Blinds, we’re proud to offer window pelmets that conceal curtain fixtures to create a neater and more streamlined look. Whether you want roller blind pelmets, curtain pelmets, roman blind pelmets or venetian blind pelmets, we’ve got a number of curtain pelmet styles available for you to choose from, ensuring you’ll find the perfect solution to suit your needs and preferences.

Improve Thermal Insulation

Our curtain pelmet designs not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your windows, but can also be used to create a barrier that insulates your windows and prevents air flow. This ensures that warm air stays inside the building rather than escaping out through the window. By retaining heat and limiting your usage of heating and cooling systems throughout the year, a pelmet for roller blinds or other window coverings can save you large amounts of energy, reduce your expenses, and minimise your carbon footprint.Not to mention they look great and will make your living or work space a much more enjoyable one to be in!

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