Panel Blinds

Buy Stylish Panel Blinds in Melbourne

Panel blinds are a deceptively simple yet highly practical and aesthetically appealing take on vertical blinds. At Direct2U Blinds, we’re proud to offer panel blinds for Melbourne homes and businesses that are suitable for both sliding doors and bi-fold doors. These blinds provide all the benefits associated with other blinds as well as additional advantages. We’re confident that you’ll impress visitors and increase the value of your property with our panel blinds online, all of which are built with sturdy materials.

Our Available Types of Panel Blinds Online

Want to make a statement with your panel blinds, or prefer something that blends in your your existing decor? Our panel blinds in Melbourne are available in various types and styles depending on your specific needs. Whether you want blockout panel blinds for bedrooms to completely block sunlight, translucent panel blinds that safeguard both people and furniture from the sun, or screen panel blinds that act like sunglasses for your windows to reduce glare by mixing blockout and translucent materials, you can rely on us to get the job done and achieve your desired outcome. Available in various colours, it’s easy to find panel blinds online in our range that suit your preferences.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Our panel blinds in Melbourne have the added benefit of being easy to use, gliding into position and stacking neatly to one side via simple wand operation. This allows you to look outside and walk through the doors without having to fully retract the blind. It also eliminates the need for clunky chains and safety devices that interfere with their unique and beautiful look.

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Browse our panel blinds online today, or contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more and discuss your requirements. Our team are happy to discuss your specific needs with you and recommend panel blinds that will best suit your space.


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