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Honeycomb Blinds in Melbourne

People are constantly on the lookout for efficient and cost-effective window coverings. Fortunately, the team at Direct2U Blinds can provide honeycomb blinds in Melbourne that are among the most eco-friendly and thermally efficient blinds on the market. Whether you’re looking to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures or enjoy maximum control over the amount of light that enters your property throughout the day, we have cellular blinds in Melbourne available in blockout, light filtering and top down bottom up options to meet your needs.


Enjoy complete darkness and privacy whenever you want by installing blockout window coverings from the team at Direct2U Blinds.

Light Filtering

Look no further than Direct2U Blinds the next time you want stylish light filtering window coverings for your home or business.

Top Down Bottom Up

Do you want more control over the amount of light that spreads through your home? Are you looking for blinds that easy to use

Attractive and Contemporary

Made from cellular fabrics, our honeycomb shades feature crisp horizontal or vertical pleats that create an attractive and contemporary look for your home or business. They’re also available in an extensive range of fabric styles, colours and pleat sizes for you to choose from, providing you with endless opportunities for customisation. Motorised options are also available.

In addition, the cords, seams and holes are obscured from view, ensuring they won’t affect the aesthetic appeal of the blinds. You can rest assured that our vertical cellular blinds will add effortless style to your living or work space without drawing attention away from your main features.

Save on Energy Bills

Our highly durable and easily washable honeycomb blinds in Melbourne boast excellent insulation properties. By trapping a layer of air between the fabrics of the shade, the blinds not only help to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, but also block harmful UV rays and absorb sound, helping to maintain the comfort levels of occupants.
Vertical honeycomb blinds also help you save on energy bills by keeping you warmer in winter and cooler during summer. When you opt for cellular blinds, you can additionally have peace of mind knowing you’re making a better choice for the environment.

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