Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds in Melbourne

Many cafes and restaurants provide both indoor and outdoor dining options, allowing customers to choose where they’d prefer to enjoy their meal. However, it can be a challenge to create an outdoor space that provides shelter from sun, rain and wind. Luckily, if want to install a covered outdoor area for your café, bistro or restaurant, the team at Direct2U Blinds have what you need.

Our specialists can design and install affordable cafe blinds in Melbourne without compromising on quality. You can rely on us to deliver a solution that complements your existing decor, provides sufficient protection for patrons without obstructing their view, and opens up outdoor areas for use all year round. Our outdoor cafe blinds are also available in numerous styles and colours for you to choose from, as well as manual and motorised configurations that allow for simple operation.

Indoors or Outdoors? Give Your Customers the Choice

Operating a successful cafe or bistro is all about offering customers as much choice as possible. This not only means giving them a wide range of menu options to choose from, but also allowing them to decide where and how they will spend their time at your cafe or restaurant. Installing cafe awnings in Melbourne will give your patrons the choice of staying inside or sitting outside without worrying about exposure to harmful sunlight or other harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind.

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