S Fold Curtains

Find the Perfect S-Fold Curtains for Your Property

Are you looking for a modern style of curtain that suits both traditional and contemporary spaces? At Direct2U Blinds, we’re proud to offer luxurious S-Fold curtains that float delicately across your windows, creating warm and stylish interiors. Whether you want elegant window coverings that provide sleek and clean lines or curtains that help maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, our S-Fold sheer curtains will leave you satisfied.

Why Get Sheer Fold Blinds?

Sheer fold blinds and wave fold curtains are popular for their visual appeal first and foremost. With no back, the curtains look the same from either side, making them an especially popular choice for architects and designers. This also has the benefit of giving you better views, as they create less bulky ‘stacking’ when open compared to other types of curtains.
Wave fold sheer curtains are also versatile, pairing nicely with statement decor and lighting as well as angular artworks and other features. Other reasons to get S-Track curtains include:

  • More colour and patterns are visible
  • Adds softness, movement and texture
  • Enhances the ambiance of a room
  • Diffuses and filters sunlight

In addition, wave fold curtain tracks and an S-fold curtain track can provide extra insulation from the temperatures outside, helping you stay comfortable and save on energy bills.

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If you’re looking for S-Wave curtains for your home or workplace, you won’t be disappointed by what the team at Direct2U Blinds has to offer. Drop into our Burwood showroom today to view our products in person, or visit our contact page for more details about how to get in touch with us.


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