Drop Arm Awnings

High-Quality Drop Arm Awnings in Melbourne

Need a solution to block light and heat from entering your property? At Direct2U Blinds, our highly trained and experienced team are fully capable of installing stylish and high-quality drop awnings for residential and commercial properties. Whether you want protection from the overhead sun while still retaining a pleasant view outside or you want protection from the sun at low angles, our partially extended or fully extended drop arm awnings in Melbourne can meet your needs.

The Benefits of Drop Down Awnings

The drop down awnings that the experts at Direct2U Blinds can install offer many different benefits for homes and businesses, some of which include:

  • Suitable for windows that face any direction, including upstairs windows and doorways
  • Designed to withstand harsh winds and inclement weather conditions thanks to their heavy duty construction
  • Full motorisation options available, complete with timer functions and climate sensors for complete convenience
  • Maintain comfortable indoor temperatures all year round with retractable drop arm awnings that prevent heat from entering in summer and keep the cold out in winter
  • Reduce reliance on cooling systems so you can save money on your energy bills
  • Add additional security to your property and reduce the chance of break-ins
  • Enhance the value of your property if you decide to sell

Install Drop Awnings Today

If you want quality drop arm awnings in Melbourne, the team at Direct2U Blinds has you covered. Get in touch with our friendly staff today for expert advice and reliable assistance. Alternatively, you can get a quote that takes all your needs into account. Call our team on (03) 9808 0080 to get started.


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